Hi, I’m Michael Cole

I have a few questions for you, think about them for a minute.

What do you want most from life?
What do you need?
How can I help you to get it?

I’m sure you’ve heard those questions from many people On-Line.

I know I did when I was first starting out, trying to find a starting point.

I would go to a page of a person saying they could help. It would talk about how much money they were making, with pictures of bank deposits.

It would tell about all the people he helped to become successful, complete with glowing testimonials.

It was all so awe-inspiring, just like the last three pages from other people. Some of the testimonials were even from the same people.

In all cases the “help” was, “Buy this Product and never again worry about money!” And the next day there would be a new Product that will fix all my financial woes.

They spent all their time saying how they can help, telling you why you should follow their advice, and no time actually helping!

I wanted help and I eventually found it. But it COST. The cost of the training, real training, was pretty fair. The cost of searching for my Training, outrageous.

Are you tired of people claiming to want to help you, only to try to sell you something you don’t know how to use? With little or no instruction?

Have you had enough of banging your head against the wall trying to make a Dollar On-Line? You know other people are doing it!

Are you willing to work your butt off to reach your Dreams and Goals?

Do you have what it takes to Stand Up And Proclaim To The World,


Because that is what it takes to be Successful, On-Line or off-line. The will to win. Belief in yourself.

This blog was built to help Internet Network Marketers to get the tools and training needed to build a Network Marketing Business using only the Internet.

I could pay a copywriter to write a glowing page on why you should follow my advice. But I won’t bother trying to convince you.

In the end, I can only give one compelling reason for you to follow my advice.

Because you want to.

Michael Cole


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Two years of unemployment have taught me to get the most for my money, in the form of training in Internet marketing. Let me show you how to make the most of your limited resources.