A new day dawns and the Pre-Alpha goes to his computer to begin his day. What he has been working for has arrived, his first follower. Pre-Alpha no longer, he is now at:

Alpha, Stage One

Once guided, now the guide, the nascent Alpha must retrace the path that lead him here. Reminisce on the steps that brought you from fed up Beta to Pre-Alpha.

As a new Alpha you have the responsibility to train your followers in the skills they came to you to learn.

Show them step by step what you learned, all the while planting subtle hints that they too can become the leader.

Some of your followers will just want to be better Betas, the potential leaders will make themselves known. Shyly asking for a little clarification, but not wanting to bother you.

Look for them, these Pre-Alphas wanting to learn more. While you can’t create in someone the desire to be a leader you can nourish the spark once noticed.

As you work with your team you see your Pre-Alphas push their limits back to grow ever closer to Alpha level themselves.

Working with your team has sharpened your skills, so that answers to once difficult questions now come to you easily.You look at your business and see that many of your team are now Alphas themselves which brings you to:

Alpha, Stage Two

You are now a seasoned Alpha, having successfully mentored several of your followers on their journey from Beta to Pre-Alpha to full fledged Alpha. So what do you do now?

Rinse and repeat. More of the same because on your journey you have discovered how fun and rewarding it can be help others to grow beyond their artificially imposed limits.

There will always be more people who want your training. You find that you can help more people with less time and effort. And you find that it is actually fun working with those that are willing to work to have more.

You can now enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams while helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

The life you longed for as a Beta is now your reality. You can pretty much do whatever you want until you retire to:

Alpha, Stage Three

Sorry, just kidding. As an Alpha you can never really retire.

Oh you may try, but a lifetime of service to your followers is a hard habit to break. The most you can do is cut back somewhat.

You will find yourself working because you’re bored or some Pre-Alpha tells you that you have to train him.

A new leader ready to emerge, a new challenge to face. What do you do?

You go have some fun, you train him…




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