You gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn off, so it should stand to reason that all you need to do to lose weight is burn of more calories than you eat. Simple in theory, not so easy in practice.

Number Three Reason You Can’t Lose Weight. The Magic Pill Syndrome.

You’re sitting down watching your favorite television show or possibly some late night T.V. and you see an ad for a Weight Loss aid. For the next thirty to sixty seconds you see these wonderful images of formerly fat people with the weight just melting off, through the miracle of T.V. magic, no muss, no fuss and no problem.

Except there is a problem, and it’s a big one. Those thirty or sixty-second ads are carefully scripted by expert Copywriters with all your hot buttons to both pique your interest and make you believe it’s as easy as putting pill A into mouth B. It’s not. In almost all ads there is a disclaimer in small print that says in one way or another, “Extreme Results, Your Results May Vary.”

Now, they’re not lying to you, they’re just giving you the best possible results from all the thousands of test subjects.

Number Two Reason You Can’t Lose Weight. Eating Too Many Empty Calories.

It’s commercial break time during your evening T.V. time and you jump up, figuratively, to go grab a bag of chips and a cold one to wash them down. It doesn’t matter much whether your cold one is a beer or a soda pop, either way what you’re getting is about 150 empty calories per 12 oz. can.

Even if you can hold it down to just one 12 oz. can and one ounce of chips you’re looking at a worthless 300 calories, tasty, but empty of nutritional value.

Low-fat chips and diet soft drinks aren’t much help, each has its own down-side. Extra sugar is regularly added to low-fat foods to make them taste right and the sweetener in diet soft drinks is linked to too many adverse health conditions. Not to mention the awful after taste.

Get this, some low-fat chips are actually higher in calories than regular Lay’s Potato Chips, go figure.

Number One Reason You Can’t Lose Weight. You’re Waiting For Someone Or Something To Motivate You.

There you are, still on the couch, watching yet another commercial about weight loss and wishing you could lose a few pounds.

See the pattern?

The only way you’re ever going to lose weight is to get off the couch and start doing something about it, period!

Yes, I know I’m a big, no longer fat, jerk telling you all this the way I’m telling you.

You’ve heard it all before, probably been hearing it for years. Well, it’s time to start actually doing something about it, I did.

You know something? It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, once I got off my fat back-side and started doing something about it.

Get Fit And Live Longer,

Michael Cole


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