First, watch the video, okay? Good!

Looks fairly easy and straight forward, doesn’t it? Just buy your Ab Carver Pro, spend a few minutes a day using it, then almost like magic your abs form into a six-pack.

Did you notice how easy it is for the professional fitness models to use the Ab Carver Pro, smooth, fluid movements, almost as easy as riding an exercise bike. But, you can bet your bottom dollar, and probably win, that they did not build those awesome physiques using the Ab Carver Pro. They’re simply doing their jobs, making a piece of exercise equipment look cool, easy and fun to use.

Ab Carver Pro

Looking at the graphic from the Ab Carver Pro website you can see the kinetic engine, actually just a big carbon steel spring, adds resistance on the extension and assistance on the return. Sounds good and impressive, right? Know this though, the extension move does in fact tone your arms, shoulders and chest, the resistance added to your body weight is a definite plus if you want to build your arms, shoulder and chest.

The product is called the Ab Carver Pro, a misnomer of sorts. The return movement is the one that actually carves your abs, or would if you weren’t being pushed back to the starting point by a huge spring, taking both the effort and most of the effectiveness away. Would you put a motor or electric engine on an exercise bike, then expect dramatic results?

I found some  videos, seventeen so far, of a guy who is using the Ab Carver Pro between six and ten-minutes a day. He has daily videos from day one below.

You can see he had some difficulty on the return motion at first so I suppose the return assist spring does help you to keep going, but to what end?

After two-weeks of using the Ab Caver Pro an average of eight minutes a day you can see some improvement in his abs, but not the kind of results I was expecting.

I’m not saying the Ab Carver Pro won’t help you get in better shape, I’m sure it will. But if you truly want dramatic results, spend your money on a good, old-fashioned ab wheel for about ten bucks from your local Dept. or Sporting Goods Store.

He does have more definition in his abs, but from the video below you can get a much better abs workout in less than two-minutes, one fourth of the time spent on the Ab Carver Pro. You can get better results, faster and in less time, if with a bit more effort.

One good thing about the Ab Carver Pro, while I don’t agree with the return assist function, it might help you get your abs in good enough shape to use a standard ab wheel unaided. You can think of it as a training wheel until you’re in shape for the real thing.

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